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N2025 Strategic Plan

“Where every person and every interaction matters”

The N2025 Strategic Plan outlines the aims, strategies, expectations, and targets for the first five years of the 25-year vision articulated within the N150 Commission Report. The N2025 Strategic Plan contains six ambitious aims. Each aim represents a purpose or intended outcome. Supporting each aim are strategies and expectations. Strategies are actions that can be taken to move toward the aim. Expectations are anticipated changes that will be realized through the implementation of the strategies. Targets are quantifiable metrics that serve as benchmarks to achieve by 2025.

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The Aims

The six aims are listed below. The order of the aims does not imply relative priority. The first four aims focus on the university’s mission-centric areas, while the others focus on our people. Each of these aims should be read and understood with the concluding phrase “... in a way that every person and every interaction matters.”