Every Person and Every Interaction Matters

Teacher with students in classroom

The N2025 Strategy Team immediately committed to rely heavily on the significant work of the N150 Commission. As the N2025 Strategy Team considered the four core aspirations of the report of the N150 Commission, one aspiration continually permeated all others. The idea that, at Nebraska, every person and every interaction matters became an aspiration that appeared superordinate to the other three. This overarching theme defines what it means to be a Nebraskan, and was thus recognized as a core feature that should undergird everything we do at the university. It will represent our ethos around which the core aspirations and aims will be embodied.

Accordingly, every person and every interaction matters is the overarching principle that envelops all of the aspirations, aims, and strategies within the N2025 Strategic Plan.

The goal of the N2025 Strategic Plan is to make Nebraska distinctive by promoting the tenet that every person and every interaction matters. This tenet promotes equity, dignity, and respect for individuals from a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, perspectives, abilities, identities, and orientations. It includes interactions that are formal and informal across the domains of academics, research, creative activity, and engagement. Our belief that every person and every interaction matters calls for us to value one-on-one relationships to form connections, transform lives, and realize the power of every person. The principle of every person and every interaction matters should guide all we do as members of the institution, including its students, faculty, staff, and administration. Thus, every decision made at every level should align with and support (and hence, be supported by) our overarching principle that every person and every interaction matters, our core aspirations, and the primary aims of our Strategic Plan.